What & why are there open poses

What & why are there open pores –

Porses are closed due to excessive cosmetic use and pollution .Due to which the skin oil does not come out and there is a tendency to become pimpled .Due to which the porses are permanently dilated, which appear in  the form of small pits on the face. Which make the face very dull .Due to which the tone of the face is lost ,this condition is called open porses. 


1-if you have a parent’s, then maybe you also have. 

2-if your skin is too oily then you may also have open pores.

3- if the pimple continuously comes out,it also causes an open pores. 

4- can also occur in hormonal changes and also play a very important role in the aging factor, It is seen in many people with aging. 

Home Remedies for Rid of open porses-

                  How to use-

 1-  Take a spoonful of green tea and boil it in a little water,now cool it and filter it. Now put it in the ice tray of the refrigerator and set with it. When ice come in cube form, rub it on the face every morning and evening with light hands. 

  Let’s know about it’s benefits

One is green tea fixing you externally and the second one is shrinks the skin from the cold application. Due to which pores start shrinking.At the same times if you have a pimples, it will reduce it and it also reduces the pimples that help becomes inflamed due to cold.You will also get relief in pain and gradually your skin will get clean and open pores will also reduce.If you can do it twice, that’s great otherwise you do it only once a night. 

2- Aloe-vera– 

 Remove the gel from the leaves of aloe vera and beat it well and keep it on your face. It is a good thing if you apply evening and the morning, otherwise do it only once. Will give you very good results within one month. You will see that open porses have started recovering to a great .

3- Face pack  Mix 1 teaspoon multani mitti, 1 teaspoon Sandalwood powder, 1 teaspoon rose-water and 2  to 3 drop of lemon juice and apply on face, wash with cold water when dry. Do this twice a week. 

4- green tea has anti-oxidant quality which makes our skin glowing and rejuvenated. 

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