How to get rid of pimples and their stains forever

Why are pimples?

Due to closure of the pore hole, the natural of your skin is not able to come out, which takes the form of pimples. There are many reasons for being pimpled , but according to face mapping, there are main reasons for pimples in different parts of the face.

1. Pimples on upper forehead –

This part is connected to our digestive system and bladder. Pimples  on upper forehead indicates disturbance in the digestive system and lack of water in the body. Pimples on the upper forehead can also be caused by dandruff and chemical products used in hair such as oil, gel ,wax and hair spray. Because some of the bacteria and hair products present in the dandruff also come on the upper forehead which stops the poreses causing pimples.

2. Pimples on lower forehead –

It’s associated with our brain ,digestive system and vascular systems.Pimples at the forehead indicates stress ,depression and insominia.

3. Pimples between the eyebrows –

The pimple here refers to a lever disturbance.

4. Pimple on the nose –

Pimple on the nose indicates the health of our heart. Pimple on the nose indicates high BP ,stress and impurities in the blood. Sometimes pimple in and around the nose can also be caused by sleeping without washing face.

5. Pimple on upper cheeks –

This part is connected to our lungs and liver. Pimples allergy on the cheeks is due to lungs liver and digestive disturbances.

6. Pimple on lower cheeks –

It’s attached to the mouth. It refers to the dirt accumulated in the teeth and gums. Pimple on the cheeks is also caused by dirty pillow covers. At night, the bacteria present in the head are transferred from the head to the pillow and from the pillow to the cheeks, giving rise to acne pimples.

7. Pimple on the ears –

This part is connected to our kidney. Pimple on the ear indicates kidney disturbances and blood impurities.

8. Pimple on the jaw –

Pimple occurs in girls more than boys on this part, because this part is associated with the reproductive organs. The pimple hormonal imbalance here shows  the disturbances in the menstrual cycle and periods.

9. Pimple coming around the mouth and over chin –

This part refers to the small intestine and reproductive organ .The indigestion of the pimple here constipation and hormone imbalance.

What not to do?

1.A food made of very oily spices should not be eaten with junk food and fine flour.

2.Caffeine-rich beverages should not be drunk.

3.Avoid excess Calories and fenugreek food.

4.Do not consume greasy foods like milk, butter etc.

5.Do not use chemical products on the face.

6.If you have problems with pimple then do not press the pimples with your hands.

What to do?

1.While leaving the house ,it should be removed only by using sunscreen and covering the face well.

2.Drink a spoonful of apple cider vinegar in a little warm water in the morning on an empty stomach.

3.Eat foods rich in vitamin A, such as sweet potato, carrot, spinach etc. Of  these, Vitamin A is the highest in carrot and sweet potato, so their use will be more beneficial.

4.Gel face-wash always be used.

5.Drink plenty of water.

Home remedies to removes pimple’s stains forever –

1.Wrap the ice cube in a cotton cloth and tap- tap motion it on the face with light hands.

2.Applying rosewater from cotton to face with light hands.

3.Add to lemon juice to half a teaspoon of honey and apply it to the pimples for 20 minutes and wash it.

4.Add 2 teaspoon of aloevera by crushing the mint and put it to sleep at night. Wash the face thoroughly with water as soon as you wake up in the morning.

5.Drink plenty of water.

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