How to get rid of freckles permanently

What are freckles-?  

Getting out in the strong sunlight causes black and brown spot on many parts of our body such as the face, forehead, nose, side of lips, chin, hands, a neck  which we call as freckles. It is mostly on women and dark complexion. 

How to get rid of freckles permanently

Why are freckles-? 

There are following reasons for freckles:-

1. Strong Sunshine

2. Change in hormones 

3. Thyroid hormones troubles 

4. From using the wrong cosmetic 

5. Tension 

6. By using the contraceptive pills

1. Strong sunshine:

The rays of the sun have a very harmful beam which we call as U.V rays.When it falls on our skin for a very long time it has a very bad effect and at the place where the beam falls, Our skin turns black and thus becomes freckled.

2. Change in hormones:-

When there is a change in hormones ,There are freckles and the change in hormones occurs most during pregnancy. Hormones increase in pregnancy causing freckles. So if we have thyroid problems in our body then fracas can occur.

3. Thyroid hormone troubles:-

The thyroid gland controls many process in our body and balances hormones as well as the thyroid itself. 

4. By using the wrong cosmetics:

The use of various beauty products on the face causes a lot of damage due to the problems of the freckles. 

5. Tension:-

Due to stress ,There are many types of problems on many parts of our body and face on of which is also freckles. 

6. By using the contraceptive pills:-

Using birth control pills also causes freckles . 

What to do-? 

a. We should not go out in the sun and even if you want to go, Do not go between 12 :00 to 4:00  whenever you use sunscreen and get out only by covering the face and your body properly. 

b. Show the skin specialist to know if it is freckles and then treatment them. 

C. If you have a thyroid problem on the hormone is imbalanced, you should seek treatment from a doctor. 

Home remedies to eliminate freckles forever:-

1. Grind neem leaves and take aloe- vera gel. Keep in mind that aloe-vera gel should not be in the market. Rather it is aloe-vera at  home. Now take out the gel from the aloe-vera leaves and take 3 teaspoon of aloe vera gel in a 3 teaspoon neem mixture, The quantity of both should be equal. Now mix it well and store it in the refrigerator of 7 days and wash the face well before sleeping at night then apply it with light hands. 

2. Mix half a teaspoon of sandalwood powder , half a teaspoon of  orange peel powder, half a chopped lemon juice and half a teaspoon of curd. This is for one time use only. Wash face thoroughly at night and apply it in places where there are freckles. Now take it in your hands massage for 5 minutes. Then leave it  on the face for 1 hours. After 1 hours wash it of the face with normal water and if you use any night cream then try to make sure that the night cream is not made in the market but it is prepared at home. And remember it has to be applied continuously till the results is not broken. Use it daily at night. 

3. Take out the papaya Pulp and apply it directly on the face and leave it on the face for 10 minutes then wash it with cold water after 10 minutes. It removes face tanning, is very effective in freckles. Make the face glowing.It is a excellent deep cleanser for the face.  

4. Add 1 teaspoon lemon juice to 2 teaspoon cucumber juice and mix well .Now apply it on your face with cotton and leave it to dry.Wash with cold water after drying. 

5. Mix half a teaspoon  glycerine ,Half teaspoon of Vitamin C powder ,Half a teaspoon of Vitamin A cream and 1 tablet of Disprin, Half a teaspoon of charcoal powder and mix it.Then apply it at night ,Apply it continuously for 3 Nights in a week and from the third day the skin will start descending and in the 10th day ,The freckles will end. 

Making a market-like mask at home:-

Take the mask sheet from the cosmetics shop, And take glycerine in a bowl and take a little charcoal powder and mix it well with a little levender oil. And the amount of this mixture is taken so that the mask sheet is well dipped in it .Then this mask is ready .Apply this mask for 15 minutes in the morning and remove it after 15 minutes .is This marks ,makes your skin very fair and glowing as well as completely eliminate freckles. This mask also tightens the skin and shows very fast effect. 


Use only one of the mentioned home remedies that you like. 

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